Angus receiving his
Canadian Championship

Murdoch receiving his
Canadian Championship

Benson receiving his
Canadian Championship. 
Benson has also earned his CGN.

Kadri receiving her Canadian Championship

Marlie receiving her Canadian
 Championship.  Marlie also has
received her RN, CD and CGN!

Rathbone being awarded Best Puppy
his very first time out in the ring!

Rathbone receiving Best Puppy In Sweeps at the Canadian Mastiff Club 2011 Specialty.

Lars receiving best Veteran in Sweepstakes at the 2011 Canadian Mastiff Club Specialty.
Tucker receiving Best Of Breed

Rathbone earning his new
Canadian Championship.

Hermione receiving Best of Breed.
  • "Dogs teach us about faith, trust, and devotion.
  • They teach us how to devotedly serve a higher master, how to attend and wait and how to let go of a drudge.
  • But most of all, they teach us about the meaning and experience of unconditional love"  
  • ~ Lama Surya Das, from the book "Dog is my Co-Pilot"