The Boys



Otis was kept to become our first Stud dog. We had attended 3 shows and he had won all three times becoming pointed, when, we discovered after a routine check with the vet that one of his testicles had receded. What had been there at 6 months was now a few months later no longer there.

With much sadness we had to have him neutered and he became one of our Cuddle Monsters. To this day Otis’s mission in life is to cuddle in nice and close with us or any visitors to our home.

Sire: CH Superior Lynnspride Bilko  
: Gallants Lady Pepperdyne





Although we had no plans to keep a puppy from our last litter, our Rathbone came back to us. The pick of his litter, he was off to his new home, when unfortunately a health crisis with his new Daddy arose. With heavy hearts they realized that the best thing to do would be to return him to us and so Rathbone came home to stay.

 He easily earned his Canadian Championship and even took Best Puppy in Sweeps at the National Specialty in 2011. He has continued to mature very slowly, which is common in brindles and also raw fed dogs.

Sadly, in doing his health testing, a slight heart murmur was discovered and after having a cardiologist look at it better, we determined that Rathy will not be bred. We were assured that this murmur would not be life threatening and he should continue to enjoy a long life, but not something we as responsible breeders want to perpetuate.

This is the reason, why all dogs, no matter what breed, should be health checked before being used to reproduce.

Sire: CA/AM/INTNL Newgates Spectacular Vn Eva  
: CH Gallant’s Scarlett Damsal

May 9th, 2010  

CMR: Normal/Clear



Benson came from a breeding done by our friends, Bev & Pat Molloy of Banda Mastiffs, where our Lars was used as stud. Although Benson does not live with us, we would be remiss in not having him up as one of the “Boys”.

He achieved his Canadian championship in short time - all owner handled, which is truly an achievement on its own; he even beat his Daddy Lars, which is what every breeder strives for - to improve on the generation before.

Benson is truly a wonderful boy, gentle, loving, silly & goofy, always there to entertain and loves to sing! His head and bone is very much like his dad and gets his athleticism from his mom. A nice mover who loves to run, run, run! He is a well travelled boy who has never met a stranger.

Benson is available at stud to approved females.

Sire: CA/AM/INTNL Newgates Spectacular Vn Eva  
: CA/UKC/INTNL Ch Banda's Two Pence Worth, CGC, RN, PCD

April 5th, 2008  

CHIC - #64988
OFA Patellas
OFA Thyroid OFA
Cardiac Normal - Cardiologist
CERF - Normal OFA
Hips - Good OFA
Elbows - Normal
PRA DNA - Clear Through Parentage
CMR - Normal/Clear
Cystinuria - Normal/Clear



Our Majik! He lives up to his name, he can magically destroy toys, escape his crate and turn his charm on like a magician! Funny thing Majik was supposed to be a female, when I went out to Edmonton to Bendegeit Mastiffs, I was looking to get a female, and I walked off the plane in Toronto with this handsome boy cuddled in my arms. He truly chose me and we have been together since.

Majik has completed his first round of Obedience classes and excelled and we shall continue, as he is a smart cookie and needs to be given a job. We have started in the show ring and he managed to take Best Puppy in the Canadian Mastiff Club Booster in Nov 2014 under handler Peter Scott first time in the ring.

We look forward to watching this munchkin grow and work his “majik” on us all.

Sire: CH Majestiks King Louie  
: CH Bendegeit’s Pretty as a Peach CGN

April 2nd, 2014