Our Scarlett is our apricot girl, hence her name. She is a very feminine Mastiff and is our best Momma!

Although she achieved her Canadian Championship, she was never a lover of the show ring. That is until she got into the ring! Then she knew what had to be done! It was like night and day! We never ask any of our dogs to show if they don’t have fun doing it, so Scarlett is retired from the ring.

Her first litter produced 12 happy healthy puppies , her second produced 8 and her final produced 2. She absolutely loves her puppies and hates to see them leave. She would try to feed them at 8 weeks of age if she could and is very close to Cleo, one we kept from her first litter.

Scarlett will celebrated her 11th birthday this Spring along with littermate Otis and is now retired from our breeding program.

Sire: CH Superior Lynnspride Bilko
Gallant’s Lady Pepperdyne

May 14, 2004

CKC #: PJ960778
PRA DNA  - Normal
Hips - OFA Good
Elbows - OFA Normal
CERF - Breeder's Option: Ectropion
CMR: Carrier
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Cleo is the baby of our bevy of beauties. She achieved her Canadian Championship at 18 months of age and is the comic of the family.

She is always first to greet anyone, go for a walk or come when called. She is our resident snorer and always has her little pink tongue out on display.

Cleo had her first litter in Spring of 2010 and obviously takes after Scarlett, as she was also a devout Momma. She gave us 6 beautiful babies, and thinks that Rathbone is hers as she runs to intervene when his playing gets too energetic with the other dogs.

Although, we bred Cleo a number of times since her first litter, she decided one litter was enough and as she turned 6 yrs of age this past May, she has been spayed and is now retired from our breeding program.

Sire:  Wileyways Cosmic Warrior    
Dam: CH Gallant’s Scarlett Damsal

May 8, 2007

CKC #:  PJ960778
PRA DNA - Clear through Parentage
Hips - OFA Fair
Elbows - OFA Normal
Patellas - OFA Normal
Cardiac - Normal
Thyroid - Normal
CERF - Breeder's Option: Ectropion, Eury/Macroblepharon
Cystinuria - Negative
CMR: Carrier
VwD - Normal
Cleo has her CHIC Certificate.
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