There is nothing like having a litter of puppies! Once we have a litter on the ground, our lives center around those newborns. In fact, I would say that for those 9 weeks that they are with us, they become the focus of our world.

They are lovingly raised in their own whelping room, away from the other dogs of the household until time when they get introduced very slowly to the rest of the “Family”. The puppies are handled and cuddled and tugged on by us to get them used to people and let me tell you there is nothing like puppy breathe to make you forget all the incredible work that is involved to raise these puppies to become wonderful Gentle Giants or as we like to refer to them as our “Cuddle Monsters”!

We have no litters planned for the foreseeable future, as all our females are retired and living the life of princesses!




  • Happiness is a warm puppy. 
  • ~Charles M. Schulz